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OEDC Family Literacy Programming 1st & 2nd Grade - Parent Collaboration Project

The Parent Collaboration Project (PCP) was created by the OEDC to accommodate families who insisted that Project EASE continue into first and second grade. Like it’s predecessor, Project EASE, the PCP demonstrated how students' reading and writing skills improved when family members learned how to reinforce their students’ skills through controlled play activity at school.

Family members including, but not limited to mothers, fathers, grandparents, older siblings, and even neighbors have given this program rave reviews as they accompanied their student participants to events held at school that supported the concurrent professional development teachers were receiving at school.

No pre-requisites are required to learn how to implement either Project EASE or the PCP, including the ability to read and write. The language-based games and strategies are so powerful that when caregivers play with students at home, statistically significant gains are measured in the skill development of participating students.

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