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Ohio Education Development Center

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OEDC Curriculum Design and Instruction

The Curriculum Design and Instruction (CDI) services offered by the OEDC provide schools and communities with unique programming that systematically enables schools to work collaboratively with their respective communities. Participating schools and communities should expect to develop cohesive relationships that result in joint ownership of the learning community they forge. This comprehensive programming offers teachers, administrators, board members, students, parents, community stakeholders, or any combination thereof, with the collaborative framework necessary to design, evaluate, structure, and plan the mission, vision, and/or educational goals of a given learning community.

An array of methodologies are used to empower stakeholders with the tools they need to adapt their educational philosophy and goals to current educational standards without compromising the cultural diversity of their community. CDI takes into account the horizontal as well as vertical planning needed to develop essential goals, assessment, and curriculum content that strengthens the school system across grade levels and aligns educational priorities with the community at large.

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