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OEDC Coaching

The OEDC was one of the earliest institutions to initiate educational ‘coaching’ of teachers. For nearly 20 years, the OEDC has demonstrated how coaching educators is a very important practice as schools develop their core resources within their learning community.

Coaching educators so that they can actually grow and develop is much more challenging than it sounds. Educators must have expectations defined clearly, and then receive the positive reinforcement they need to embrace new and improved methodologies that have been scientifically proven. Typically, educators at all walks of teaching and across all content areas have been found to embrace the techniques provided to them by the OEDC. Significant transformations have taken place among the teaching staff who has received OEDC coaching.

Many years ago, the OEDC coaching model was identified as a leading program in the U.S., and was presented in the form of a peer reviewed paper to American Education Research Association (AERA). The central theme of that paper demonstrated how teachers could change to best practices instruction if supported by an OEDC training coach.

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