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OEDC International - Collaborative Language and Literacy Instruction Program (I-CLLIP)

The Collaborative Language & Literacy Instruction Project (I-CLLIP) is designed to help schools, families, and communities improve student learning across the curriculum through intensive professional development and coaching resulting in the construction of a strong learning community.

The I-CLLIP is an international literacy initiative that is scientifically proven in Spanish and in English. The I-CLLIP improves foundational knowledge and skills of teachers and administrators at all levels of service and experience. It is recommended as one of the top ten scientifically proven reading research initiatives in the U.S. by the Department of Education in the state of Ohio. It is a program that is approved to meet the rigorous demands of the 3rd Grade Guarantee.

This program can be implemented in any school district and begins with a core group of teachers and administrative staff. Participants receive intensive training in language and literacy theory and practice for over two years. Educators receive a series of formal classes in best practices language and literacy instruction, in addition to regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching in the classroom. Schools learn how to sustain and expand teaching excellence in reading and writing as additional teachers and administrators in the district receive training from I-CLLIP staff and I-CLLIP trained peers.

Students, families and communities have benefited from the I-CLLIP for nearly two decades in the U.S. and Latin America. Scientific evidence of the I-CLLIP’s success among students living in regions where low income demographics are prevalent has shown that even students of poverty can learn to read and write. Many school districts, thousands of teachers, administrators, and students from diverse geographic regions have participated with great success in this literacy reform.

The I-CLLIP’s success is bolstered by consultation from world renowned leaders in literacy from institutions like the Graduate School of Education Harvard University, Florida State University, Kent State University, and the University of Minnesota, among others. Results from external evaluations using scientifically-based research practices, including the use of randomly selected in-house controls have shown statistically significant outcomes longitudinally. The I-CLLIP has shown it:

  • Is scientifically proven in lower, mid and upper socioeconomic populations in the U.S. and Latin America;

  • Is highly successful across age, grade, gender, SES, and special ed. status;

  • Improves overall district report card standing based on years in the I-CLLIP in the U.S.;

  • Uses existing personnel to prevent literacy failure and sustain long term growth;

  • Establishes quality controls among teachers and administrators district-wide;

  • Creates mentor teachers, administrators and districts to replicate programming;

  • Has been consistently rated “Positive” to “Highly Positive” in its effect on achievement in reading by parent evaluations of their child’s participation in I-CLLIP;

  • Benefits teachers with a wide range of experience from first year teachers to veteran teachers with over 30 years of experience;

  • Is not reliant on special materials or vendors so can be adapted to any school setting;

  • Extends the pattern of success in both rural, suburban and urban settings;

  • Incorporates the analysis of empirical data collected on thousands of students, including documentation of significant affects on Title I and special education caseloads, and documentation of teacher retention and job satisfaction;

  • Is supported by higher education, State Legislature, State Department of Education, private, and public school districts in the U.S. and Latin America; and

  • Establishes mentor “school districts” that model best practices in literacy instruction in the U.S and Latin America.


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