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OEDC I-CLLIP Literacy Test

The I-CLLIP Literacy Test is a service provided by the OEDC that measures the existing language and literacy knowledge of educators. Studies show that teachers bring a wide range of content literacy knowledge, language training, and student teaching experience to any given school system. Educational leaders often want to know how aligned their teachers are on reading and writing knowledge in order to teach students across a given grade level as well as from
pre-K through 3rd grade to ensure continuity in literacy instruction.

The CLT enables educators to check their own knowledge in these vital learning areas and to know where they may need to refresh their knowledge of reading and writing instruction to be the most effective teachers they can be. By examining the results of the CLT, OEDC staff can help educators know where they may be lacking in their reading and writing knowledge, and then provide them with the necessary training to know best practices reading and writing instruction.

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