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OEDC Caregiver Head Start / Preschool Support Program

The Caregiver Head Start / Preschool Support Program is one of the most exciting professional development programs offered by the OEDC. Caregivers from all walks of society are welcome to attend presentations on how they can support the positive growth and development of our youngest learners.

Inspired by leadership of the NAEYC, this program serves educators in preschool classrooms, but also caregivers who provide early childhood experiences to thousands of preschool children in the context of private agencies, churches, homes, and facilities established to support early start education. Participants in this program receive hands-on training, modeling, and guidance of the latest techniques used to support students who demonstrate emergent language and literacy skills. Many experienced educators report that this program is highly successful in it’s effort to build a positive bridge between home and school at a developmental age that is pivotal for 3, 4, and 5 year olds.

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