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Ohio Education Development Center

Serving a Global Community of Learners

About the OEDC

The OEDC mission is to build cohesive learning communities through best practices of language and literacy. Founded in 1999 with the financial assistance of the State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Education Development Center is a private entity serving children in economically struggling areas throughout the United States and Latin America.

"We are most noted for meeting the individual challenges that bring schools and community together to build a cohesive community of learners. Invariably this includes greater satisfaction from educators and presidents, as students achieve greater potential measureed by elevated test scores.
--- Dan Pallante, President & CEO

Scientifically-Based Services

The OEDC prides itself on providing a menu of scientifically-based educational services in the following areas:

  1. Building capacity as a learning community by working with schools and communities in areas of unique interests;
  2. Helping bridge schools and communities to build and strengthen cohesiveness through collaborative and systematic mission and vision modification;
  3. Professional development in: Best Practices Language and Literacy that is aligned with the CORE standards; Administrative Operations from principals to superintendents; Coaching Special Educators; Curriculum Development and Design
The Ohio Education Development Center has developed techniques through intensive study, research and implementation. OEDC's program has been scientifically proven for over 15 years:
  • in North, Central and South America
  • across cultures (e.g. English and Spanish)
  • in urban and rural populations
  • across ethnic populations
  • across low-income as well as upper-income populations