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Ohio Education Development Center

Serving a Global Community of Learners

Serving a Diverse World

In Ohio, around the country, or around the world, our mission and our passion is building cohesiveness learning communities through best practices in teaching and learning.


Literacy and Research

OEDC provides one of the world's leading scientifically proven literacy initiatives, with extensive research in language and literacy best practices.



The OEDC website provides documents and links to valuable related resources to assist you.

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The OEDC's International - Collaborative Language and Literacy Instruction Program (I-CLLIP) is one of the programs approved by the Ohio Department of Education to help schools meet the 3rd grade guarantee.

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Welcome to the Ohio Education Development Center (OEDC) Website

OEDC services may be purchased by schools and communities to maximize learner outcomes from preschool through 9th Grade. Administrators, board members, community leaders, and teachers are encouraged to contact the OEDC to learn more about how the OEDC may provide services for their school and community.

Be sure to visit the OEDC website for the most current postings to this site. New information and opportunities are available on an ongoing basis.

Students Reaching Academic Potential through Best Practices Instruction

The Ohio Education Development Center is one of the world's leading instructional entities. Learning communities have been created and/or reinforced through a myriad of educational services provided by the OEDC for nearly two decades.

Starting as a grass roots initiative in Ohio back in the 80’s, the OEDC has evolved to embrace deeper and broader educational programming in the U.S., Central America, and South America. The OEDC offers educators at all levels of service, in schools and communities around the world, the opportunity to realize academic excellence regardless of socioeconomic status. Students outperform their peers when taught by an OEDC trained educator based on years of longitudinal measurement.

This website is a resource for educators around the world. The OEDC is located in Granville, Ohio where staff are on hand to provide services to schools and communities seeking a student-first ethic in education, and the pursuit of excellence that will build the kind of learning community necessary for all students to reach their academic potential.

All Students Read

The OEDC provides many services to schools and communities on an international scale. The program that ensures all students will reach their reading potential in either English or Spanish is entitled the International - Collaborative Language and Literacy Instruction Program (I-CLLIP). Renamed with the "International" subtitle in 2004, I-CLLIP has been successfully working in Central and South America for over a decade. Click here to go to the I-CLLIP page.

The I-CLLIP and I-CLLIP have received international acclaim, including but not limited to the Harvard Graduate School of Education listing the I-CLLIP on its website of exemplary programs in language and literacy for over a decade.

I-CLLIP has been successfully implemented across a spectrum of demographics including, but not limited to: communities having limited and/or extensive funding streams; minority populations; rural and urban regions; high, middle and low socioeconomic populations; and across multiple languages.